Friday, May 29, 2009

Birthday Gift

My friend Kyra gave me a birthday gift.
They are all very pretty and a lot of RED! Kyra knows what I love.
Her handmade card is always lovey.

Vintage notions gave me inspirations.

Thank you, Kyra.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

After learning “Flea Markets 101”

We went to an Antique Show & Flea Market last weekend. It was cloudy and a little cool Saturday morning. We arrived there around 8:15am (The gate was opened at 8:00am). There are many serious shoppers already, but we thought we did pretty well following “Flea Markets 101”.
Our target items this time were Fire King items: Mug, Cup & Saucer.
We brought the following to our home. Love them!

Beautiful Fire King Mugs and Cups & Saucers, cards and old thimbles

We are glad to know the “Flea Market 101” We got great deals for all items.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Flea Markets 101

Because we wanted to enjoy flea markets more, we researched tips and suggestions for flea market beginners like us. We learned treasure hunting is beginning before a flea market. We need to plan and to prepare for treasure hunting!

  1. Check location: Visit web site if available. Sometime we can get a coupon for admission/parking.
  2. Do our home work: Research about item(s) before going flea market. The value in today’s market, availability, rarity and color etc…
  3. Get Cash and bring a check book.
  4. Don’t overdress and be prepared for anything: Wearing jeans and a T-shit is comfortable but we found it can help us to stay on budget/good deals. According to flea market pros, vendors often use our clothes/shoes to decide how much we can afford. Also, bring a jacket/an umbrella/a raincoat to prepare for any weather condition (including sunglasses, sunscreen etc...)
  5. Pack lunch and drinks: save more money for our treasure.
  6. Bring a bag/a cart
  7. Arrive early/Come late: To hunt treasures, get the flea market as soon as it opens. To get the best bargain/good deals, go late in the day/the end of the market.
  8. Browse vendors, dig later: We hunt our target item(s) first and dig later.
  9. Make a friend first. Respect vendors: Giving nice impression and making a good relationship with vendors is connected to good deals.
  10. Be prepared to walk away: The pro said “In the end, the person who is willing to walk away is going to get the best deal” A vendor might change his/her mind when we walk away.
  11. Don’t outsmart ourselves: According to the pro, we should not call attention to the brand or manufacturer. We will have to pay more!
  12. Don’t pay store price. Negotiate.
  13. Group purchases: Then we can negotiate a price for the group!
  14. The most important! Enjoy and have fun.

    We will post about recent flea market experience soon!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Love Zutter!

You will know how much I love making mini books.
And finally I got a "Zutter" binding machine.
I just love it!
Used old tax documentation paper (It’s dated in 1929!), rub on, ribbon, stickers, seal wax and metal clip for front cover.

I stamped travel theme images most of the inner pages.

Used ribbon as a book mark.

So much fun!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Treasure Hunt

Cute Treasures I found at a local flea market today.
Spent $4.00 and I got these!
Love these angels.

They are made in Japan.

I love hunting like these lovely stuff made in old days in Japan where I was born.