Tuesday, May 26, 2009

After learning “Flea Markets 101”

We went to an Antique Show & Flea Market last weekend. It was cloudy and a little cool Saturday morning. We arrived there around 8:15am (The gate was opened at 8:00am). There are many serious shoppers already, but we thought we did pretty well following “Flea Markets 101”.
Our target items this time were Fire King items: Mug, Cup & Saucer.
We brought the following to our home. Love them!

Beautiful Fire King Mugs and Cups & Saucers, cards and old thimbles

We are glad to know the “Flea Market 101” We got great deals for all items.

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  1. Welcome to Blogger. :o) I am so pleased to see you on here blogging about your treasures, and creations. Love your Flea Market finds... I have never been to a Flea Market in this area, only a few as a child in Northern Minnesota. I hope you will continue to share your tips, as I need to learn more so that I will know exactly what to do to get what I want when I find it! :o) Happy Thursday!!! Kyra¥