Sunday, August 9, 2009

On-line workshop by Jenni Bowlin

I am taking 12 weeks on-line workshop by Jenni Bowlin @ Big Picture Scrapbooking since July 2nd. It titled “Re-purpose, Re-think, Re-invent: Learning how the past can open the door to a new creative lifestyle” It has been giving me inspirational and creative opportunities and I am enjoying the workshop very much. The followings are the reviews of the first two classes.

According to Jenni, understanding our own creative history is important as it must have had a lot of influences on our creativities. Mine came from my parents. Dad liked to make miniature plastic models of ships, planes or castles. Mom used to teach people knitting at our house. I loved watching her creating new clothes and going craft store with her. I believe my creative mojo is in my blood! Jenni said surrounding ourselves with inspiration every day is essential to a creative lifestyle. Our assignment#1 was making an inspiration board where we can pin up anything that inspires us. And this is my inspiration board. WEEK2
Lesson 1: Re-think
Jenni said there are many creative options for using photos and recording memories besides scrapbooking only on 12x12 layouts. Altered books, collages, 3D assemblages and re-purpose jewelry are the examples of other forms of scrapbookings she gave us. She also showed us how we can creatively use items we may pass by everyday.
I love collecting antiques, vintages and old stuffs (some even says old junks) and I always wanted to create something with them. Her assignment gave me an opportunity to refresh my perspective and stimulated my creativity.
These are my Week 2 vintage milk cap creativity challenge. I hope I can use these new ideas on my ongoing projects.

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