Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hand Carved Rubber Stamp Tutorial: Hydrangea

These are our new stamps, Hydrangea. You need a little practice to create this image, but it is pretty simple!

First, we stamp 3 petals with a lot of ink.

Then, with a less ink, stamp the petals around the first 3.

Tune the whole shape with even less ink.  Flower part is now completed.

Let's show you how to add leaves next, without ruining the image of the flower we have just created.
In order to prevent the flower and the leaves from overlapping, you need to take some green ink off the
leaf stamp below.

We use Kleenex to take lower half of the ink off, by tapping motion. Don't wipe off.

Just stamp around the flower. You can see how the green ink fades off and don't overlap with the flower image, can't you?

This is an easy, but useful technique!

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