Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Handcarved Stamp, Flower and Humming Birds

We recently had an order of a personalized stamp from Shannon. She requested to add one more name to our original “Flower and Humming bird” design, but the original design can fit only one name. So, we re-designed to make one more name fit. We added another humming bird to balance the size of the design and the names.
Copied the design to a carving rubber.
On the middle of the carving process.
My shoulders are tight.
Mounted the stamp on finished wood.
We hope she likes the stamp and enjoys using it.

TC Witchcraft Factory congratulate Shannon and Daniel on their Wedding!

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  1. Super unique stamp! Your work continues to amaze me. It is so refreshing to see such great products everytime I check your blog. :o) Chieko, thank you for the beautiful little book last Monday. I just adore it. You are one "Lucky" girl. ¥