Monday, June 15, 2009

Recycled USPS box organizer

I can’t throw small pieces of paper left over after each project. When my scrap box is getting full, it is time to make an organizer! Organizers are always useful around my work table but I don’t like the plastic one sold in stores (Because they are not cute at all!). I have been making organizers by myself using recycled USPS boxes.

This is how I make recycled USPS box organizer.
First, close and glue the flap of the box with “Glue-All”. (Do not use tape)
Then cut the box half with a knife and glue them together like this.
Glue pieces of craft paper to all edges of the box.
Square the pieces of paper leftover with a square punch. (This is my favorite part of the process. Each piece of paper leftover reminds me of the projects I have done.)
Glue these punched paper to the box.
Embellish the box with stamps and rub on and distress the edges with ink pad.
After dry it well, cover all surface of the box with “Mod Podge”.
Then I add 3D embellishments, such as a label holder and metal charms.Some might say I am crazy to spend more than a half day to make such a small thing. But I just love being surrounded by stuff I made.


  1. Perfection... I still have mine that you made fro me a few years ago. I still love it!!! I need to make a Tim/Chieko vintage one... :o) Hope you are enjoying your weekend. ¥

  2. But it's so darn cute & such an inspiring idea!!!