Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Spinning Halloween Lamp

Our favorite, Halloween, season is approaching and I took our Halloween spinning lampshade out of the box today.Since my husband made this lampshade for me about 10 years ago, the projection of these Halloween characters have been rotating on the walls and the ceiling every year in this season. I set the lamp on the round maple table next to the bookcase where my Halloween collections are stored.I don’t usually illuminate this bookcase, but turning the room light off and watching my favorite Halloween collections and moving projection of Halloween characters make me so happy.
The motion picture of the lamp is available in my flickr site at:

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  1. This lamp is so awesome! I have been looking everywhere for something like this - I want to make a spinning lampshade like this except with stars cut out (for my 4 month old daughter's room), but I am not sure where to start.. any chance you could give me some pointers? I'm curious about what material you use for the lampshade...paper? And what does the lampshade sit on? I'd love any tips you could give me!
    Thanks in advance!