Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ice Fishing

We visited a lake house, which is owned by parents of our good friends, last weekend and enjoyed ice fishing.Our friend, fishing Master Brian, took us to Lake Mille Lacs which was 15 minutes drive from the lake house and is about two hours drive up north from Twin Cities and one of the largest lakes in Minnesota. We drove on the lake and got to the fishing point, but not many people were ice fishing there.It seemed to be a little off season. When we visited this lake for ice fishing three years ago, we saw so many fishing houses that it was as if a city was build on the lake.
It was a beautiful and warm day, but was still about 30 degree though. We could see signs of fish on radar but the fish wasn’t very active that day.We tried different lake early next morning. Master Brian caught some but no luck for us. When we decided to leave, I found out my bait had already been taken. I kept fishing without bait! No wonder I didn’t catch any.

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