Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mini Album: Mei

We are visiting our friends in St. Louis, Missouri tomorrow. I made this album as a gift for a friend whose house we are going to stay during this trip. Her daughter, Mei, is one of the reasons we visit St. Louis quite often lately; we went there twice last year. She is so adorable and funny that we never get bored of watching her. Whenever she started doing something, we grabbed a camera and kept taking photos. I had already made an album for myself using her photos and this is the second one. Here are some pages from the album. We are so excited to see her again. I wonder if I can sleep well tonight.


  1. I talked Kay-chan today and she told me that you would visit STL tomorrow! I wish I could be there!!! I told her to tell you guys to visit me too!! hehehe ^-^

  2. Hi! Just found your blog, your handcarved stamps are great. I love stamping, i make personalised stamps too but from polymer (you can see some on our blog) :)