Monday, July 6, 2009

Cross stitch framing, emergency order from St. Louis

We had been working on several orders for customized framing of cross stitch samplers. The following two cross stitch samplers were sent to us from St. Louis as emergency orders because the senders would go back to their country very soon. We had to finish the framings and send them back to St. Louis within 7 days. We had enough time to make frames and to mount samplers but what makes us nervous was that the senders asked us to pick frames for them; they might not like the one we picked. We chose lightly distressed dark navy frame for the light blue sampler, Mounted with foam under the cloth to make it 3D. We picked lightly distressed wine red frame for the other. As the other one did not have enough margins below the design, we mounted with matt to hide the edge of the sampler. Custom framed cross stitch sampler were sent back to St. Louis in time.

By the way, a friend of ours in St. Louis who referred the senders to us said that they were very happy with the frames.

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  1. WOW!!! These are just gorgeous. :o) Seven days...that's amazing! Your work astonishes me.