Monday, July 20, 2009

Handcarved stamp, customized stamp orders from St. Louis

We got two customized stamp orders from St. Louis when we visited a friend there. One of the orders was from Shiho who is a friend of our friend in St. Louis. She brought a design with her and wanted to add “Shiho’s Kitchen” under the design. This cute design only measured ¾” x ¾” and some part of it was very detailed. I could have made the design a little larger to make it easier to carve but I decided to use the original size. The bigger size didn’t look as cute as the original one.
The other order was from Madoka. She wanted a personalized stamp of cosmos flower. I designed a single cosmos flower and added her name to it, but there was too much empty space between the flower and the name. I could have filled that space with leaves if it was a design that uses other flowers, but cosmos doesn’t have pretty leaves. So, I added one more cosmos instead.

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